Video projection with mapping is a relatively new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic display that provides a breathtaking  experience to a viewer. The basis of the workshop was to explore the “space and time” with the help of a new range of possibilities that have been brought by mapping video projections and classical theater technology.

Individual blocks workshop were aimed at:

  • Hardware / software / tools of a video-mapping project
  • conceptual design of the content of video mapping in a particular space and time
  • creating video mapping with the help of animations, stop motion animation, illustration, with light projection and interaction on stage, with set design and action camera


The aim was to work on the new stage design and dramatic possibilities and to develop links between traditional approaches and new emerging media. The emphasis was placed on the visual content of projections and different techniques. The workshop was concluded with a public presentation where students presented their work in an interactive performance in which the audience was engaged as a cooperating part.


Luca Pulvirenti  is an animator, filmmaker, graphic designer, multimedia and visual artist. He studied graphic design at Camberwell College of Art in London and animation in Bournemouth. He worked in the famous animation studio Aardman. Since 2005, he teaches the theory and technique of the film at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo and is involved in a large number of art projects.

Place: The station Zilina-Záriečie, Považská galéria umenia


Foto: Natália Zajačiková