Workshop Antena, Žilina, 5. – 7. 9. 2014

This workshops that was organized within the School of Lighting Design was focused on working with light in the gallery and museums and led by ligting designer Isabel Nielen. Light in exhibitions is an extensive and complex issue where all the principles of lighting and lighting design meet. The…

Light installation for Prague Pride, 11. – 17.8. 2014

Light installation for Prague Pride 2014. Gloriette of US Embassy Prague in colors of Prague Pride flag. PHOTO: Tarek AbuSham

Light guerilla, intervention to the public space, Žilina, 22. – 26. 7. 2014

Lecturers were Patrik Sedlák (SK) a Tomáš Morávek (CZ).  The focus of the workshop was concentrated on what precedes every technical implementation, planning, inspections and technical and production preparation, visualizations and timetable. The program continued with a joint creative implementation of  intervention in the public space in the neighborhood…

Luca Pulvirenti: Video Mapping, Žilina, 20. – 25. 7. 2013

Video projection with mapping is a relatively new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic display that provides a breathtaking  experience to a viewer. The basis of the workshop was to explore the “space and time” with the help of a new range of possibilities…

live video in Resolume, Prague, 21. – 23.3. 2014

21. – 23.3.2014 Studio Řetízek, Řetězová 223/5, Prague Lecturer: Jakub Aeldryn (Lunchmeat) Workshop with the topic “live video in Resolume” was focused on creation of a visual content, basics of mapping, MIDI controlling, connection with sound and live work with video.

Interview with Ben Ratcliffe

Ben Ratcliffe is an experienced teacher, tutor and lecturer. His field is lighting design, which he has studied and taught for over 20 years. During his work on setting up a Theatre Co-operative and being the director of a Youth Theatre, he explored the process of creativity within an…

Sound / Sound design / Sound handling, Prague, 21.-23.2. 2014

21.-23.2.2014Studio Truhlárna, Prague Lecturers: Tomáš Procházka, Ondřej DědečekThe first workshop of the second semester was mainly focused on Ableton Live: recording – music from nowhere, soundscapes, fast creation of audio performance, real-time sampling, effects and their potential with Tomáš Procházka and the realization of more complex sound productions with…

History of lighting, baroque theatre, Český Krumlov, 24.- 25.1. 2014

On friday, the workshop was focused on history of theatre space with Jana Návratová and on saturday, we made a trip to unique Baroque Theatre in Český Krumlov. There we had a presentation of the theatre by PhDr. Pavel Slavko.

Light – Action, Prague, 29.11.-1.12.2013

The Duncan Centre Conservatory, PragueLecturer: Svante Grogarn (SWE)The workshop focused on context of lights and action on stage – concept lighting solution for live improvisation and lighting, relationship between operator and performer, their “connection”, sensitive interaction and dynamics of movement principles to light changes or vice versa.29.11.-1.12.2013 Foto Marie…

Opening of the exhibition Salon of Czech Scenography 2013/2014

National Theatre Reduta, Brno, 21.11.2013  Works of Czech stage designers in the period of 2006-2013 Professional supervision: Marie Jirásková, Jana Preková    Foto Marie Svobodová    

Introduction in to the basic of Electricity, Touring management and documentation, Moving heads

Workshop III: Introduction in to the basic of Electricity, Touring management and documentation, Moving heads 15.-17.11.2013 Theatre Institute Theatre Alfred ve dvoře Prague Lecturer: Lukáš Valiska The workshop was focused on introduction to the electricity, Touring management, documentation and moving heads / intelligent lights. Development and history of the…

Workshop at the University of Ostrava, 30.10. – 1.11.2013

Workshop at University of Ostrava 30.10. – 1.11.2013Workshop with students from University of Ostrava from doc. Mgr. Josef Daněk’s atelier of drawing.  The workshop was led by Rastislav Juhas and Jan Dörner and it was focused on lighting instalation.    

Phosphor 360 ver. B


Source of Light And Lighting Sources in Site-specific Space, Jičín, 20. – 22. 9. 2013

20. – 22. 9. 2013 Jesuit College in Jičín Lecturers:  Tomáš Morávek, František Fabián First workshop of the continuous program. The topic of the weekend was light installation and sources of light and light sources used in Site-specific space.  

US Embassy Light Installation, Prague

12. – 17. August 2013 Author: Institute of Lighting Design, Prague.Light Installation for Prague Pride 2013.  Gloriett of US embassy Prague in colours of Prague Pride flag.

Kuks Light Exhibition

3. – 4. August 2013Author: Lenka Nováková in technical cooperation with Institut of Lighting Design PragueLight exhibition in the Kuks castle.

Let’s light up the Museum!, Hradec Králové, 22.-23.6.2013

Museum of East Bohemia, Hradec Králové. Light, video and sound installation on the architecture by Jan Kotěra. The part of the event was dance, light and music improvisation. The project was created in cooperation with Institut of Lighting Design Prague, CreW o.s. and Lunchmeat.  

Lighting of concerts, Nitra, 14. – 16. 6. 2013

What all is included in lighting a concert? What all is included in lighting a concert in such specific conditions? How to work with the light cues in various musical productions? In Nitra, these questions were the main focus of the workshop along with a view into the everyday…

Lighting in the city of queens, Bátovce, 17. – 19. 5. 2013

The workshop was focused on lighting design in architecture. Activities were divided into three parts. In the first, lecturer Laura Maugria Sánchez presented lighting design from her point of view, light pollution, saving of energy, the differences between the lighting of the interior and exterior … The second part…

Henk van der Geest, Light Workshop ZLOMVAZ 2013, Prague, 10.5.2013

10.5.2013 DAMU studio Řetízek, Prague Lecturer: Henk van der Geest Workshop focused on presentation of Henk van der Geest (not only his work but also possible sources of inspiration for lightdesign including Dutch painting) in the first part of the workshop. The practical part focused on how you can simply using lighting angles,…