Lux, Helsinki, 4-8. 1. 2015

Photo by tero kaiponen, Available from:

Fête des Lumières, Lyon, 5-8. 12. 2014

  Photo by pepino_doudy, available from: pepino_doudy/sets/72157650022316802

Illuminating York, 29.10 -1.11. 2014


Signal festival, Prague, 16 — 19/10/2014

  The SIGNAL light festival is the most-visited cultural event in the Czech Republic. Its first edition attracted almost 250 000 visitors. 2014 edition took over the streets of Prague again in October of 2014. SIGNAL turned the public space of the Czech capital into a giant and shining gallery. The…

Lights in Alingsås, 26.9 -2.10. 2014

  It started in 1999 when students from HDK, Jönköping University and Gothenburg University gathered in Alingsås to experiment with different lighting designs for public buildings. The following year, the municipality entered into agreements with the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association – PLDA, who have brought the international world of…

Lumina, Cascais, 12-14. 12. 2014

Luminale, 30.3.-4.4. 2014, Frankfurt

The seventh edition of the ‘Biennale of Lighting Culture’ set a new attendance record with around 240,000 people viewing the sculptures, installations and demonstrations by artists, architects and designers from more than 12 countries at around 180 locations such as factories, parks, churches, museums, squares, bridges, stations and universities….

Lux, Helsinky, 4- 8. 1. 2014

    Photo by JereKetola (  

Festival of Lights, Lyon, 2013

Fête des Lumières Photo by Ahndee, source:  

Lumiere, Durham – 14.11.- 17.11.2013

Lumiere is a huge success that has quickly become a major event in the North East.  We recognise that large numbers of people in a small medieval city can present challenges and so we work closely with our partners to develop an event plan to deliver a safe event…

Light Festival Brussels, 31.10- 03.11 2013

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Festival of Lights, Berlin, Germany, 2013

      Photo by  Sally Walton

LichtRouten, Lüdenscheid: Germany, 27.9. – 6.10. 2013   Artistic directors: Bettina Pelz and Tom Groll. The theme was “The Art of Projection” as the citywide installations took place throughout areas of urban redevelopment. Artists: Jürgen Albrecht , Refik Anadol , Atsara , Catherine Berndt , Cuppetelli + Mendoza , Christoph Girardet , Hartung + Trenz…

Lux, Helsinki, 4.1 -8. 1. 2013

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Fête des Lumières, Lyon, 5. – 8. 12. 2012

          Photo by Vaxjo  (

Lights in Alingsås, 26.9.- 2.10. 2012

    Photo by Madeleine Mann (  

Luminale, Frankfurt am Main, 15 – 20. 4. 2012

    Photo by Oliver Ramstedt      

Light Festival, Ghent, 28/01/2012,

    Photo by Hans Demol Source: Photo by Du-Sa-Ni-Ma Source:

Luci d’Artista, Milan, 2012

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Lumiere, Durham, 17.11. – 20.11. 2011

    Photo by David Bramhall,   Source: