No. 1 Angle of light / Colour of light, Prague (CZ), 4. 10. – 6. 10. 2013

Angle of Light / Colour of Light
 European School of Lighting Design:
 Prague (CZ), 4th-6th of October 2013


A three-day workshop under the direction of lighting designer Henk  van der Geest (iLO) was completely focused on lighting in a theatre. In the first section, the participants got familiar with basic directions of light i.e. with their angle and position of the source. They learnt during its use how the angle of light influences the perception of space, how to create a metaphor of a specific space in a neutral setting of a stage or how to modify the perception of its dimensions and proportions. The second section of the workshop was concerned with the colour of light and colour temperature of different light sources, usage of colour filters and corrections (cold and warm light) and mixing colours as well – procedure at additive or subtractive mixture of basic colours. During the work, the participants were cooperating with a performer who was improvising short dance etudes. One of the goals of the workshop was to develop thinking of light in the space (be it artificial or natural) – which aspects form dimensions,  chromaticity, atmosphere of the space.

Lecturer: Henk van der Geest (NL)

Organizer: Institute of Lighting Design (CZ)

Topics discussed were:  security, lighting systems, light controlling, light sources, LEDs, tungsten, discharge lamps, source of light, light fitting, position of light source, angle / direction of light, visibility, colour, colour temperature, primary colours, complementary colours, colour mixing, gels.




4th October

15:00 session 1 – introduction, presentation of work

16:00 session 2 – characteristics of light

18:00 session 3 – position of fixture, direction of light, angle of light


5th October

10:00 session 4 – colour of light, colour temperature, mixing of colours

13:00 session 5 – hands-on workshop: angle of light, colour of light

18:00 session 6 – discussion the experiences


6th October

10:00 session 7 – hands on workshop: angle and colour of light on stage and performer

16:00 session 8 – analysis of pictures, photos

17:00 session 9 – evaluation and artistic hints


13 (9 CZ, 3 SK, 1 NL)

Alena Aissing  / CZ
Antonín Brinda – performer / CZ
František Fabián – lighting designer (ČOSDAT, Institute of Lighting Design / CZ)
Nina Feriancová – stage designer / CZ
Gervaise Hay – production, light technician (ČOSDAT, Institute of Lighting Design / CZ)
Marek Holub – light technician, salesman of light fixtures (KOJI lighting / CZ)
Vlasta Krahulcová – architect / CZ
Jan Koťa Rolník – coordinator, production, artistic director  (Signal festival / CZ)
Jan Tranta – lighting designer (WD LUX / CZ)
Katarína Ďuricová – coordinator, production (Anténa o.z. / SK)
Lukáš Kubičina / SK
Jan Ptáčin – architect, stage designer (VŠMU / SK)
Henk van der Geest – lighting designer (Instituut Lichontwerpen / NL)




Henk van der Geest

image017Henk is a lighting designer for more than 30 years, working mainly in theatre, architecture and exhibition projects, although sometimes in the exterior as well. He founded iLo because there was no artistic development on lighting design.





Foto Marie Svobodová


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