An interactive E-learning course of the European Lighting School is aimed to promote knowledge of lighting design not only to the interested students but to general public as well. Naturally as being a craft that requires a practice and direct experience, lighting design cannot be taught without face to face contact, however, a large part of knowledge that is a prerequisite for understanding a variety of issues and their solutions is of  theoretical nature and can be transmitted by words and pictures. Such knowledge ahead of actual work with light might be a considerable advantage, leading to better understanding, improved cooperation with other co-workers, enhanced ability to imagine possible outcomes of the work, raised probability of being able to further continue with self-education.

Nonetheless, the outcomes of the work with light are many times beautiful and thus the general public that seeks to satisfy its need for beauty may find its source at this pages. Similarly, it can educate itself and be incited to search for connections that creates a link between culture, science and art.



There are six courses available, each of which deals with one point of view to stage lighting design as a field, which is conditioned by laws of culture (1), nature (2), technology (3), space (4), time (5), bureaucracy (6). Each course is based on fixed structure that offers first an introduction to the specific theme, followed by a test that determines the level of knowledge, key terms that are indispensable for thinking the specific issue. The body of the lesson itself that conceptualize the theme, follow by task to be made by the reader, case studies that demonstrate the principles and facts in the lesson on the individual situations. All is complemented by sources and literature that are connected to the issue and may be a point of departure for further study, closing test determining how much has been understood by the reader and a possibility of contacting the tutor of each lesson.





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