How does it work?

The content and form of individual lessons

Buttons 1- 9 are linked to the specific chapter within the lesson, all the chapters are arranged vertically one beneath the other in this order

Knowledge center 

  • It contains six lessons, all of them are always accessible for free.
  • Time requirement for a lesson: on average 6 – 8 hours, contains study of materials, time to process information, test of acquired knowledge.
  • In the period (June-September 015, 2 weeks for 1 lesson) there will be the possibility of contacting subsequently the tutor of individual lessons.

 The structure of each individual lesson:

1 / Introduction


Time requirement for a lesson, name of a tutor + period of time for questions / answers, specification of knowledge acquired from the lesson.

Time organization, about sources of information, which are employed.


2 / Introduction test

The introduction test in a similar one as the one at the end. It is designed to determine the level of knowledge and whether the lesson can offer new knowledge. You need to log in to do a test. If you don´t have your credentials and you want them, please subscribe here



3/  Key terms

Whenever it’s necessary, it is possible to check the terminology, which also might serve as a sort of a map of the issues, which are dealt in the lesson.


4 / Lesson

The lesson itself: text, video / presentation, photos, models, drawings.

Teaching picture

5/ Practical tasks

There is a difference between knowledge and experience. Action can often contradict knowledge as it is not “under the skin”. Any experiment that is suggested at these pages is to enhance experience. Any fact is much more understood when it is seen by own eyes. For that reason experiments with available tools is an important mean of learning.


6/ Case studies

Case studies present additional material of cases from practice. They contain practical application of the principles that were treated in the lesson itself.


7/ Sources and literature

This section offers possible ways for further study. It contains the sources that are easily available at the web that enlarge the knowledge, which has been presented at the respective lesson. In the case of further interests, there is literature available that deals with the field of study to the detail.


8/ Final test

Final test determines of how much has been learned as it is similar to the one at the beginning. Its outcome would be sent to the user to his email in the form of a sort of “certificate”.



9/ Contact the tutor

Have you executed the tasks and you have created its documentation? Do you have a question? Do you need something to be explained in detail? The tutors are available for a certain period of time.




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