7. Light and Set design, Bratislava, 23.-26.1. 2015

Light and Set Design
European School of Lighting Design:
Bratislava: 23.1. – 26.1. 2015


This workshop was another international activity of the European Lighting School project, which is organized by the Antenna – Network for Independent Culture (SK), Institute of Light Design Prague (CZ) and instituut Lichtontwerpen (NL), in collaboration with the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. A series of three workshops was about to be concluded with the theme “Light and set design”, this time in Slovakia again. During the four days, the participants  were trying to work further with the given topic, discuss how the quality, color, intensity and angle of light changes the given set design elements, how one can work with light in an interesting way in order to highlight the qualities of the set design or alter its meaning. As there was a discussion about the relationship between light and material, so there was a growing interest in knowledge about cooperation between a lighting designer and set designer.

In many projects, the light is a carrier of set design elements and for that a part of the workshop was focused on creating ambience and specific situations only with the help of light. The whole workshop opened on Friday at 18:00 with a public presentation on the light and set design, led by Henk van der Geest and with a look into Slovak, Czech and Dutch kitchen of the lighting design.

Place of workshop: Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava (VŠMU), Department of Scenography,
Svoradova 4, 813 01 Bratislava
Date: from Monday 23th of January – till Friday 26th of January (beginning at 4pm, end at 3pm) 



Henk van der Geest (NL)

Henk van der Geest worked in the Dutch National Opera from 1973. From this moment, he worked his way up from a technician to a lighting designer only because of his practical experiences. In 1981, he travelled to the United States thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Culture, where he strived to gain various skills from this profession. He met and assisted to light designers from Broadway in New York, San Francisco Opera, Santa Fe Opera and Santa Fe Theatre festival. After he had come back to Netherlands, he became the first freelance Dutch lighting designer and worked on many productions home and abroad.

He worked as a resident designer for Opera Forum, Intro Dance and designed the world premiere of Naïma for the Dutch Opera. With experiences from theatre field, he succeeds in the world of architecture. Trough work on exhibitions, he has succeeded as a specialist on museum lighting. He has been also working at various interior and exterior designs for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls… Few years ago, he was one of the founders of the instituut Lichtontwerpen – iLO. It is an initiative that aims to support artistic development in this profession.

Tomáš Morávek (CZ)

Tomáš Morávek discovered the profession of a lighting technician thanks to the Prague dance conservatory Duncan Centre where he worked as a lighting technician and step by step, he started doing lighting designs mostly for students of this school. From this moment, he started being interested in the contemporary dance and lighting design. Afterwards as a freelancer, he started working for other Prague theatres and companies. He participated in many festivals in Europe, especially in Holland (before political and cultural changes) and with choreographers and directors not only from Europe. Right now, he lives and works in Prague.


The workshop was designated especially for light designers, technicians and set designer.
The workshop was  led in English.



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