No. 3 Light in Contemporary Dance, Bratislava (SK), 28.2. – 3.3. 2014

Light in Contemporary Dance
 European School of Lighting Design:
 Bratislava, 28th February – 3rd March of 2014


Light is usually the strongest scenographic element in the contemporary dance.  It has a carrying value in a dance piece.  It helps to multiply emotions of performers and approximates atmosphere of the story.

Trough this four days long workshop, the topic was  not only talk about the light, different principles of lightning, communication with dancers and choreographers, creative process, but there was also the time for experiments and playing with light. The whole workshop was based on collaboration of participants from 3 different countries.

The topic “Light in Contemporary Dance” was lead by creative pairs – dancers collaborating with light designers.

At Saturday,  it was  Jaro Viňarský (SK) and Tomáš Morávek (CZ) and Stanislava Vlčeková and Jozef Vlk from Slovak dance group Debris Company.

Whole workshop was a combination of presentations, discussion, practical exercises with the possibility of active work with dancers.

Place of workshop: elledanse (Miletičova 17B, Bratislava)

Date: 28. 2. – 3. 3. 2014 (beginning at 4pm, end at Monday at 3pm)


28th of February

16:00 session 1 – introduction, presentation: dance – sources, motivation, autorship, topicality


1st of March

10:00 session 2 – choreography / light / design

12:00 session 3 – testing the techniques, space (hands-on)

16:00 session 4 – discussion, conception, design


2nd of March

10:00 session 5 – setup lights, focusing, programming (hands-on)


3rd of March

10:00 session 6 – testing the light design, timing, work with performers (hands-on)

12:00 session 7 – evaluation and artistic hints


24 (5 CZ, 4 NL, 15 SK)

Gervaise Hay – production, light technician (ČOSDAT, Institute of Lighting Design / CZ)
Tomáš Morávek – lighting designer / lecturer (ČOSDAT, Institute of Lighting Design / CZ)
David Prokopič – lighting designer (CZ)
Zuzana Režná – lighting designer (CZ)
Jan Tranta – lighting designer (WD LUX / CZ)
Katarína Ďuricová – coordinator, production (Anténa o.z. / SK)
Michal Freriks (SK)
Kristína Chlepková (SK)
Barbara Immerová – dancer (SK)
Veronika Pavelková (SK)
Katarína Pentráková – dancer (SK)
Jan Ptáčin – architect, stage designer (VŠMU / SK)
Ints Plavnieks – lighting designer (culture centre Stanica Žilina / SK)
Milan Slama (SK)
Vladimír Szilva (SK)
Slavo Šmálik – light technician (elledanse / SK)
Jaro Viňarský – choreographer, dancer /  lecturer (SKOK! / SK)
Stanislava Vlčeková – choreographer / lecturer (Debris company / SK)
Jozef Vlk – director, light designer, composer, musician, performer / lecturer (Debris company / SK)
Natália  Zajačiková – photographer (culture centre Stanica Žilina / SK)
Wijnand van der Horst (NL)
Henk van der Geest – lighting designer (Instituut Lichontwerpen / NL)
Henk Langevel (NL)
Isabel Nielen – lighting designer (Instituut Lichontwerpen / NL)




Tomáš Morávek (CZ)

Technician, Light designer / Lecturer, Participant

Tomáš Morávek discovered the profession of a light designer thanks to the Prague dance conservatory Duncan Centre, where he worked as a light technician and step by step, he started doing light designs mostly for students of this school. From this moment, he started being interested in contemporary dance and light design. He was fascinated by possibility of creation of specific atmospheres or building a whole interior on scene just by the lights.

Afterwards as a freelancer,  he started to work for other theatres and companies in Prague. He participated in many festivals in Europe, especially in Holland before political and cultural changes. In this moment is T. Morávek living partly in Prague, partly touring in France.

He is still trying to believe in interactive and live theatre forms not only as a light technician, designer but also as a person who lives with and for theatre.


Jaro Vinarsky (SK) 

Dancer and choreographer Jaro Vinarsky (1978) studied choreography in Bratislava (SK) and Prague (CZ). After his studies, he was active in Slovakia, Prague and Brussels where he was cooperating with Karine Ponties, a choreographer in the Dame de pic ensemble. While working on the Czech dance scene he won Sazka award for the Newcomer of The Year in a performance Posledny krok v pred (2004). Now he lives and works in Slovakia.

Jaro Vinarsky won the Outstanding performer category – The Bessies, the 2013 NY Dance and Performance Awards, where eleven other performers were nominated. The award was given to him for his solo dance in Painted Bird from Pavel Zustiak´s project Bastard, inspired by controversial novel from Jerzy Kosinski, written in 1965, about a boy wandering through Europe during World War II.


Stanislava Vlčeková (SK)

Stanislava Vlčeková is an independent choreographer, dancer and dance teacher who collaborated with several major domestic and foreign choreographers and performed in several European countries. With company MY3,  she acquired the significant jury award Saitama International Dance 2002 in Japan. In 2006 in Bratislava, she was nominated for the Philip Morris Award. She is focused on contemporary dance techniques and partnering. Since 2011, she teaches contemporary dance at the Department of Acting at the Academy of Performing Arts. As a choreographer, she was awarded in 2009 – “ TAOS : dance season personality and in 2012 she gained III. place in the competition of choreographic miniatures in Belgrade.


Josef Vlk (SK)

Jozef Vlk is a Slovak director, light designer, composer, musician and performer. He is also a creator of theatre company Debris Company. As a director and music composer, he collaborated with many interesting personalities on projects in Slovakia but mostly abroad. Currently, he is involved in projects of contemporary dance, theatre and film.



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