No. 2 Light in public space, Amsterdam (NL), 16.12. – 20.12. 2013

Light in public space
 European School of Lighting Design:
 Amsterdam 16th – 20th December of 2013

light and light-art in the public realm

about safety, comfort and arousing astonishment 

The workshop was focussed on public lighting from illumination to light-art. The result of the  workshop was focussed on creating a hands-on lighting installation, most likely within a few groups that may have similar intentions.

Topics discussed were:  security, wellness, beauty, advertisement: in other words, the social and commercial use of light in a public environment. Also, by being a hands-on activity, al aspects of creating lights in the exterior will come along.


Light festivals are a growing phenomenon. They boost the environment where they are held. For the period of the festival, the focus is at city’s nightscape and it attracts many spectators, also from out of town. Light helps to give a feeling of safety to the people, illuminated architecture supplies night time with radiance, lit blocks of buildings create a comfortable atmosphere, light-art provides identity to the urban district.

Light is therefore an important economical factor in a community.

The workshop was focussed on designing light in the domain of the public space. Examples (good as well as bad) were addressed, we had equipment to our possession and the environment to experiment. Part of the workshop dealt with the artistic, the philosophy and the concept of public lighting and light-art. A part of the activities was hands-on experimenting with light and colour and creating light. Another part was a symposium at December 19, later with a commented walk to the Amsterdam Light Festival.

iLo, Cosdat, Antena collaborate in an international series of workshops spreading from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Netherlands.

In the framework of their European ‘Life Long Learning’ project, this is the first activity in the Netherlands, consisting of a workshop that started on Tuesday and ended in a lighting guerrilla on Friday around the Tolhuisweg 2, residence of iLo.


16 – 20 December 2013


16th (optional)

19:00 welcome international guests

lightwalk Illuminade (optional)


11:00 session 1 – introduction + introducing (Henk van der Geest)

14:00 session 2 – artistic hints and presentation of work (Paul Baartmans)

19:00 session 3 – lightwalk public lighting and illumination (Bas Peters)


11:00 session 4 – evaluation and artistic hints

14:00 session 5 – equipment research and technical presentations (Henk and Jeroen (o.v.)  (hands-on)

19:00 session 6 – testing equipment and effects in the exterior  (hands-on)


11:00 session x – expert meeting (t.b.a.)


+ 18:30/19:00 – start of a guided tour in groups through illuminade – optional included


11:00 session 7 – evaluation and artistic hints (Henk van der Geest)

14:00 session 8 – preparation guerilla lighting

19:00 session 9 – guerilla lighting


14:00 – start of the symposium, moderator Henk van der Geest

14:05 – keynote Felix Guttmann, director of Amsterdam Light Festival

14:15 – Hans Akkerman – chief illumination dIVV Amsterdam

14:45 – Ellen de Vries – lighting designer and artist LUXLAB

15:15 – Isabel Nielen and Bastiaan Schoof – consultants and coördinators ALF

15:30 – break

16:00 – Rombout Frieling – OPEN LIGHT creative lab TU/e Intelligent Light Iinstitute

16:30 – Koert Vermeulen – lightartist at ACTdesign (OVO)

17:00 – Q&A forum

17:30 – closing – drinks – souper

symposium lecturers

Felix Guttman is a chairman of the Amsterdam Light Festival. In his professional life, he has been a founder and CEO of the Canal Bike company and now Reder in the Canal Company. He holds a position as Adjunct Professor Entrepreneurship at the Erasmus University among many other positions in various boards.

Hans Akkerman is a lighting consultant at the City of Amsterdam, dienst Infrastructuur, Verkeer en Vervoer. He is responsible for the public lighting of Amsterdam and the illumination of a wide range of buildings.

Ellen de Vries  has her studio and provides lighting design for interior and exterior projects. She wants to surprise the world with her fascination for the immaterial quality of light and the atmospheres that she can provide with that.


Isabel Nielen is a lighting designer for many years and has worked in various environments with a big foot in large open-air spectacle. She has been with the iLo from the start and leads it together with founder Henk van der Geest. For the ALF she is the artistic consultant and coordinator for the illuminade.




Rombout Frieling is the brains behind OPENLIGHT, the creative lab of the Intelligent Lighting Institute at TU/e that works for the cultural revolution of digital led-lighting. We create explorative and experiential propositions to open up the field of lighting. We set out to identify new themes, to inspire and to bring together disciplines to push propositions forward.

Koert Vermeulen has over 20 years of experience in the fields of architecture, entertainment and art installations. His lighting and multimedia design for the opening and closing ceremonies of the SINGAPORE 2010 YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES made ACT lighting design one of the world’s leading independent lighting design firms. He continues to find with new ways to encapture audiences and to develop new visual design techniques, constantly researching new domains of application.



Henk van der Geest is a lighting designer for more than 30 years, working mainly in theatre, architecture and exhibition projects, although sometimes in the exterior as well. He founded iLo because there was no artistic development on lighting design.

Katarína Ďuricová coordinator/ production
Daniel Kozlík light technician, webmaster
Milan Slama sound and light technician/ director
Zuzana Godálová artist and curator Nastupiste
Laura Murguía Sanchéz architekt and light designer in architectural projects and public space Haz Lighting
Branislav Bernár owner of compagny/ light design for installation in public space DJ centre
František Fabián
Jan K. Rolník
Jan Dluhoš
Domenico Casillo lichttechnicus museum
Henk Langeveld lichtontwerper
Bas Peeters (licht)kunstenaar
Katinka Maraç lichtontwerper
Carla Monchen ontwerper


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