Institut umění – Divadelní ústav / NoD / Státní opera Praha / Divadlo ABC / Divadlo Ponec
Lecturers: Petr Voříšek, Martin Morávek

Organization of Work
Work in the theatre is based on communication and cooperation of technical and art components. The understanding of this mechanism is one of the basic premissions for good realization of theatre performance. Friday workshop was led by Petr Voříšek.

Rigging and electrical distribution systems are the most important aspects of any light set. The purpose of rigging is to secure a structure of points by the conventional method, where we can hang equipment necessary for production – such as light, sound, video, scenic elements and other.
The movement in such surroundings requires professional team, which very often bears responsibility for the lives of performers and spectators, who are moving in immediate proximity of equipment fixed in height.
The knowledge of different types of materials and their maximal rated load then necessary. Rigging was led by Martin Morávek.

Theatre Tour
Three different types of Prague theatres, created in different times and designed for different types of theatre productions. What are the technical specifications, which is the system of work, possibility of material transport, decoration storage, hinterland for performers, technical staff, audience and so on?
The State Opera – huge opera scene based in 1888 with rich history.
ABC Theatre – the history of this theatre hall starts to be written in the season 1929/30 in newly created house U Nováků in Vodičkova street.
Ponec Theatre – opened in 2001 after reconstruction of building from 1910. This new scene, basicly focused on presentation of contemporary dance, filled one of the missing pieces of Prague theatre map. There was a dance performance Orbis Pictus by NANOHACH included in this tour. Light design for this performance was made by Jan Komárek, one of our lecturers.