Light installation for Prague Pride, 11. – 17.8. 2014

Light installation for Prague Pride 2014. Gloriette of US Embassy Prague in colors of Prague Pride flag. PHOTO: Tarek AbuSham

Opening of the exhibition Salon of Czech Scenography 2013/2014

National Theatre Reduta, Brno, 21.11.2013  Works of Czech stage designers in the period of 2006-2013 Professional supervision: Marie Jirásková, Jana Preková    Foto Marie Svobodová    

Phosphor 360 ver. B


US Embassy Light Installation, Prague

12. – 17. August 2013 Author: Institute of Lighting Design, Prague.Light Installation for Prague Pride 2013.  Gloriett of US embassy Prague in colours of Prague Pride flag.

Let’s light up the Museum!, Hradec Králové, 22.-23.6.2013

Museum of East Bohemia, Hradec Králové. Light, video and sound installation on the architecture by Jan Kotěra. The part of the event was dance, light and music improvisation. The project was created in cooperation with Institut of Lighting Design Prague, CreW o.s. and Lunchmeat.  

Installation on the facade of the National Theatre,

Installation on the facade of the New Stage of the National Theatre for the performance Anticodes by Václav Havel.

Theatre technologies – Hell in a theatre

Gallery V průchoduStudio Alta, PraguePhoto exhibition was focused on the theme of magical theatrical equipment and technologies met by thick-skinned theatre technicians while touring various theatre houses in the Czech Republic or abroad.Photos by D. Dobiaš, K. Ďuricová, D. Oupor, T. Procházka, Z. Svoboda, J. Komárek. 23.2.2013

Piazzeta NSND, 2.9.2012, Prague

Opening of new sezon 2012/ 2013, 2.9.2012 Piazzeta of the New Stage of the National Theatre Foto: ISD  

Bono Publico Light Installation, Hradec Králové, 2012

22.-24.6 2012 Festival of European Regions / Hradec Králové  

22nd Prague Writers’ Festival

  Light installation for the International writers’ festival 2012 in the interior of New Stage of the National Theatre in Prague coincided with the specific architecture of space and theme future vs. tradition of literary culture. Installation prepared students of ISD for their final coursework. Photo:  Peter Machan  

Light Instalation for club Blink, Prague, 2012

Light Installation created during the workshop by the students of 011/012 school year for the cultural club Blink (opened during February – March of 2012 in an old warehouse hall, Prague Market) The new club Blink was settled for a month in the grounds in the former slaughterhouse,  which is under monument…

GRID lighting installation, Prague, 7.-14.10. 2011

The Intitute of Lighting Design in cooperation with CIANT  prepared an interactive lighting installation GRID. It was concieved by Michal Kříž and supported by students of the Intitute of Lighting Design programme. It took place in a corridor in front of Alta / Hall 30 that was being opened with a festival premiere of A piece by T….

THE WALL Light Guerilla

THE WALL Light Guerilla PQ201125.6.2011realization:  B.Herchlová. Š. Janíček, L. Jíra.Supervision: J. BenešSmall wall of the UPM was brightened! Have you tried to push your face to one of the many vistas and look?  


LIGHTING GUERILLA PQ 2011 TUNNEL VISIONS 24.6.2011 Realization: M. Prchlíková, J. Rolník, M. Pokorná, E. Nováková Supervision: J. Vihalem Interactive multimedia installation in the tunnel under Vítkov.      

Light Guerilla PQ 2011, Prague, 23.6 2011

LIGHT GUERILLA PQ2011 THE ARTERY 23.6 2011 subways at station Vltavská Prague. realization: D. Petrovická, O. Chalupský, J. Hejzlar, M. Šimánek Supervision: J. Bubal The station Vltava is one of the traffic arteries of Prague, surrounded from all sides by the roads, tunnels, ramps, cross roads. Projekt “artery” symbolizes…

Botanic Garden, Prague

About love moss whispered… Botanic Garden, Prague 1.5.2010

Designblok 2008

  From dusk till dawn… Designblok 6.-7.10.2008