Workshop Antena, Žilina, 5. – 7. 9. 2014

This workshops that was organized within the School of Lighting Design was focused on working with light in the gallery and museums and led by ligting designer Isabel Nielen. Light in exhibitions is an extensive and complex issue where all the principles of lighting and lighting design meet. The…

live video in Resolume, Prague, 21. – 23.3. 2014

21. – 23.3.2014 Studio Řetízek, Řetězová 223/5, Prague Lecturer: Jakub Aeldryn (Lunchmeat) Workshop with the topic “live video in Resolume” was focused on creation of a visual content, basics of mapping, MIDI controlling, connection with sound and live work with video.

Sound / Sound design / Sound handling, Prague, 21.-23.2. 2014

21.-23.2.2014Studio Truhlárna, Prague Lecturers: Tomáš Procházka, Ondřej DědečekThe first workshop of the second semester was mainly focused on Ableton Live: recording – music from nowhere, soundscapes, fast creation of audio performance, real-time sampling, effects and their potential with Tomáš Procházka and the realization of more complex sound productions with…

History of lighting, baroque theatre, Český Krumlov, 24.- 25.1. 2014

On friday, the workshop was focused on history of theatre space with Jana Návratová and on saturday, we made a trip to unique Baroque Theatre in Český Krumlov. There we had a presentation of the theatre by PhDr. Pavel Slavko.

Light – Action, Prague, 29.11.-1.12.2013

The Duncan Centre Conservatory, PragueLecturer: Svante Grogarn (SWE)The workshop focused on context of lights and action on stage – concept lighting solution for live improvisation and lighting, relationship between operator and performer, their “connection”, sensitive interaction and dynamics of movement principles to light changes or vice versa.29.11.-1.12.2013 Foto Marie…

Introduction in to the basic of Electricity, Touring management and documentation, Moving heads

Workshop III: Introduction in to the basic of Electricity, Touring management and documentation, Moving heads 15.-17.11.2013 Theatre Institute Theatre Alfred ve dvoře Prague Lecturer: Lukáš Valiska The workshop was focused on introduction to the electricity, Touring management, documentation and moving heads / intelligent lights. Development and history of the…

Workshop at the University of Ostrava, 30.10. – 1.11.2013

Workshop at University of Ostrava 30.10. – 1.11.2013Workshop with students from University of Ostrava from doc. Mgr. Josef Daněk’s atelier of drawing.  The workshop was led by Rastislav Juhas and Jan Dörner and it was focused on lighting instalation.    

Source of Light And Lighting Sources in Site-specific Space, Jičín, 20. – 22. 9. 2013

20. – 22. 9. 2013 Jesuit College in Jičín Lecturers:  Tomáš Morávek, František Fabián First workshop of the continuous program. The topic of the weekend was light installation and sources of light and light sources used in Site-specific space.  

Workshop Resolume / Videomapping / Live video on the stage, Jičín, 6.-7.4.2013

6.-7.4.2013 Wallenstein Loggia JičínLecturer: Jakub Aeldryn (Lunchmeat)Workshop with the theme live video platform Resolume. Creating visual content, basics of mapping, MIDI control, connection with audio, live work with video.Foto Marie Svobodová Workshop Resolume / Videomapping / Live video on the stage, Jičín, 6.-7.4.2013

Ableton Live Workshop K. Koenigsmark. Prague, 9.-10.3. 2013.

Divadlo Alfred ve dvoře. 9.-10.3. 2013. Workshop was focused on work with sound, recording, editing, playback and control via MIDI protocol on the platform of software Ableton Live. Foto Tomáš Morávek, Marie Svobodová

Basics of electricity workshop, Prague, 9 – 10.2.2013

Basics of electricity9th – 10 February 2013 Lecturers: Vilém Černý and Jiří Richter Location: Studio Alta Hall 31Foto Marie Svobodová

The colour of light, Prague, 09/12

Michael Simon Light workshop, Prague, 09/12, Duncan Centre Conservatory The workshop was organised by the Institute of Lighting Design (ISD) in cooperation with the ATI and 420PEOPLE  and the New Stage of the National Theatre and supported by CNFB. Michael Simon is a top international lighting designer, set designer,…

Workshop, Litvínov, 8. – 10. 10. 2012.

Střední odborná škola Litvínov-Hamr 8. – 10. 10. 2012.   Lecturers M. Špetlík and F. Fabián.    

Landscape of Light, Jičín, 17. – 22.9 2012

Landscape of Light Workshop, Wallenstein Loggia, Jičín, 17. – 22.9 2012    

Festival of Light, workshop 2012, Olomouc

Philips festival in Olomouc 6. – 9.9 2012

Luca Pulvirenti Video Mapping, Hradec Králové, 19.-25.6. 2012

 19.-25.6. 2012 Festival of European Regions / Hradec Králové / Church of St. Ambrož  

Henk van der Geest Light Workshop studio Alta, Prague, 2012

  4.-6.5. 2012 Studio Alta Hala 30 / Prague  

AUKRO light workshop DAMU, Prague, 30.3.-2.4. 2012

30.3.-2.4.  2012 Studio Alta Hala 30 / Prague DAMU Petr Matasek / Tomas Moravek Light Workshop    

Jan Komarek Light Workshop DAMU Retizek, Prague, 30. – 31.3. 2012


Space and color, Žilina, 23. – 25. 03. 2012

The Stanice Žilina-Záriečie hosted a workshop focused on lighting design and stage technology in 23 to 25 March of 2012. Attention of the participants was drawn to the color mixing, color of light with respect to the color of the object in the light and characteristics of specific spaces….