Let’s light up the Museum!, Hradec Králové, 22.-23.6.2013

Museum of East Bohemia, Hradec Králové. Light, video and sound installation on the architecture by Jan Kotěra. The part of the event was dance, light and music improvisation. The project was created in cooperation with Institut of Lighting Design Prague, CreW o.s. and Lunchmeat.  

Bono Publico Light Installation, Hradec Králové, 2012

22.-24.6 2012 Festival of European Regions / Hradec Králové  

Luca Pulvirenti Video Mapping, Hradec Králové, 19.-25.6. 2012

 19.-25.6. 2012 Festival of European Regions / Hradec Králové / Church of St. Ambrož  

Martin Špetlík Light workshop, Hradec Králové, 28.-29.1.2012

Drak Theatre Hradec Králové. 28.-29.1.2012 The workshop was aimed at the light as a dramatic, aesthetic and metaphorical element in the role of narrator and guide the story, the creator of the atmosphere.