21. – 23. 11. 2014

Theatre Institute – Institute of Arts, Institute of Intermedia

Lecturer:  Lukáš Valiska, Laurent Schneegans

The third workshop of the continuous cycle of workshops was again composed  of two parts.

The first part, led by Lukáš Valiska, was dedicated to the problematic of  touring management and technical documentation. This topic is very extensive. Above all, the focus was on the basics and how to record a light plan in order to create a technical rider, discussion contained the principles of communication about technical requirements, adaptation of  the original plan to the specific conditions and also the focus was laid as well on the tour as a comprehensive set of information and tasks, which must not be neglected.

The theme of the color of light has been the key to understanding the light as the matter of flow from ancient times. For centuries, a number of physicists (I. Newton) and philosophers (J.W. Goethe) were dealing with this topic. The workshop was aimed on trying to understand the nature of light with regard to the color of the object in it, dramaturgy and direction of a dramatic whole, composing and mixing colors when using basic theater lamps and RGB sources. Characteristics of different spaces and their influence on color rendition.